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FDI Entry and Product Scope of Chinese Firms


主    讲:唐遥(北京大学光华管理学院)

主    持:刘青(w88国家发展与战略研究院)

时    间:2021年4月7日(周三)14:00-15:30

地    点:w88崇德西楼(原科研楼A座)815会议室


摘要:We exploit the relaxation of regulation on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) after China's entry into WTO to estimate the effect of industry-level FDI entry on the product scope of Chinese firms. According to our baseline results, in industries that experienced a 0.01 increase in the share of foreign firms, product scope of Chinese firms expanded by 12%. At the industry level, FDI entry is associated with a shortening of the technological distance between the domestic industry and the world frontier, and a reduction the resource mis-allocation both of which contribute to the expansion of product scope. When we distinguish industries by technology intensity, the positive effect of FDI entry on product scope mainly occur in medium-tech industries. At the firm level, entry of foreign firms expands product scope by raising a firm's managerial efficiency. From the perspective of product turnover, FDI entry raises the rate of adding new products but does not affect the rate of retiring existing products. Relative to non-SOE firms, SOEs on average have a larger product scope but they report a smaller increase in product scope after entry of foreign firms.


主讲人简介:唐遥博士为北京大学光华管理学院应用经济系副教授和中信改革发展研究基金会研究员,2009年获不列颠哥伦比亚大学经济学博士学位。2009到2017年在美国的鲍登学院(Bowdoin College)任教并取得终身教职,2018年全职加入光华管理学院。唐遥博士的主要研究和教学方向为宏观经济学,国际经济学和企业战略, 有多篇论文发表在中文和英文领先的经济学和管理学学术期刊上,包括《经济研究》,《金融研究》,Journal of Urban Economics,Journal of Econometrics,Journal of International Economics,和Management and Organization Review。




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